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“Four” A Dynamic Force For Friendships

The Sequel to Sex and The City opened Thursday May 27, 2010. It might not have produced the expected numbers, but movies like this have given women an idea friendship and self-concept that many desire.                                                      

Sex and the City (Movie 2008, Sequel 2010) Tv Series 1998-2004)

Girlfriends (TV Series 2000-2008)

From the tender age of 11 to 17 and 17 to 30 women have been searching for their dynamic four. The four they believe completes the circle.

The Sex and The City series was not the first to do this for women nor the movie. From shows like Designing Women, Golden Girls, 227, Living Single to the modern ones as Girlfriends  have portrayed the idea that three best friends are better than one.

Not only do the shows portray friendship, but have promoted professional women having careers while dating and finding themselves. These women have owned their characters and made ordinary women like they portray love themselves more. Women have stopped believing that they have to be married by 30, have children by 35, and date only one man. Women today seem to think it is okay not knowing what you want to do with your life after college or realizing that the career you found yourself in might not be the right one for you. Most importantly women have learned that you are never to young or old to start all over.

Now and Then (Movie 1995)

Movies have not been any different. Do remember Now and Then, Set It Off, Waiting to Exhale, The Craft and The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. All these movies depict four friends along with issues in their lives causing them to  laugh,  share stories of love and pain, memories with one another as they grow into better women.

 Yes, A Cast of four women has done this for many women today. This is why when new programs are introduced such as Desperate Housewives, Real Housewives of (whichever city), and Let’s Talk About Pep will always draw us to attention. It may not be inspiring all the time, but it will forever be entertaining how a “Dynamic Force of Four” is  so powerful.

Designing Women (TV Series 1986-1993)

No, shows and movies have not turned women into careless humans with no morals, values, or respect, but might have made women accept the mistakes they have already made. As humans we know there are some things we can not take back, but we are not taught how to live with them and even if we are groomed through fictional characters it does not matter. They are our confidants.  Because many women will never have four best friends; there is always that desire for a circle. Possibly we can sit with our one best friend and imagine that we are a two dynamic force completing the 360 degrees.

Living Single (TV Series 1993-1998)

Friendships are forever for some women and necessary to make life move a little faster and smoother. Friend  ‘girls’ is the medicine and too often the backbone in our lives.

*There should be a national friendship day for ‘girlfriends’.


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