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Eat All of Your Food or No Toys [Return]

One dining menu in Sydney, Australia has added special dining privileges. Chef Yakako Ichikawa has not only demanded that guests eat all of the items from their plate, but has rewarded diners who eat all of their food with 30 percent discounts.  

“To contribute toward creating a sustainable future we request a little more of our guests than most other restaurants,” says Ichikawa as a reason for introducing the new policy which can be read from the entrance door of the restaurant.

Guests who do not eat all of their food have been told by Chef Ichikawa and her staff to find another place to eat next time.

Reviews of Wafu by has reviewed the food as amazing, exquisite  and delicious. Wafu is known for its fresh produce of local markets which is bought seasonal. Though some guests have been turned away at the door for having three guests rather than two customers are still willing to dine no matter what the policy is.

Some guests spoke highly of Chef Ichikawa saying the food is prepared with love and care.

The Japanese restaurant, Wafu, seats 30 and is located in Surry Hills Suburbs of Sydney, Australia.


June 6, 2010 - Posted by | Fun Topics, International

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