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Dear Louisiana:

Five years since the harsh reality of natural disaster “Katrina” along with “lack of concern” took one of Louisiana’s popular cities New Orleans down. Gasping photos, integrating students and residents, heart-felt stories, concrete news, compassionate and weary cities like Baton Rouge will always remember August 28, 2005. But New Orleans may not be off the hook to soon. The oil spill in April 2010 has left fishermen and shrimpers out of work and “Mardi Gras City” could be limited when it comes to seafood.

While out-of-towners and tourists lack knowledge of the history of Louisiana; Louisiana residents are aware of upcoming dates and those that have passed. The Essence Festival being one that occurs annually in July may not have taken a big hit this year, but the worries for next year’s profits has risen.  As we come closer to some of Louisiana festivities for the upcoming months as “football” and “gumbo season” I worry about the condition of seafood and the lack there of from the gulf.

In November  the weekend after Thanksgiving black college students pack in their cars, residents journey down to the N.O or 504, and Louisianans book their rooms. This is known as Bayou Classic when our two competitive teams come together and the “Juke Box” plays all the funky mixes to rally the crowd.

Thankful turkey day and jolly X-Mas will be bland without “the gumbo.” There are no substitutions and though President Barack Obama and First lady Obama have recently visited…. I as a Louisianan am not satisfied. We have not be given the current state of the gulf and seafood nor has anyone showed any concern for those individuals possibly out of a job in the next few months.


A small southern state that continues to build after tradegy and environmental diasasters will always be able to pull itself up by the boots straps and push forward.

I Love YOU… “B-R to the L.a.”!


August 24, 2010 - Posted by | Fun Topics

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