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Judgement from thy African Communities!

As a collective there are still certain things that are unacceptable in the minority community. For example thy should not set their beliefs to the side for family, friends, and love ones. This is all relevant when it comes to the African-American communities and African communities. As much as we try to relate by wearing African prints, West African symbols as tattoos, head wraps, and take African classes we are very much similar in many ways. One way is African-American families and African families are not very accepting of homosexuals.

Homosexuality has become a homophobia among the communities bringing judgement and harassment within African countries. Human Rights organizations have come together to form alliances so that people can exercise the right to marry and not be harassed by political figures. There was a time when churches came together so that the community could lean on them, but the generations are much different and church leaders have changed.

African bishops have condemned the practice of homosexuality in the church. This condemning has taken place in countries like Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, and Zambia. Not only do bishops disagree with the lifestyle of homosexuals, but it continues to be illegal in over 20 African countries.

With the Church always being comfort for advice, counseling, and love it may be the last place many who are “out” about their sexual preference would like to go. Now that Church is not an option where can humans that have been beaten, raped, and punished turn to.

The Family is another “backbone” to African and African-American communities. Many family members are still not accepting of  their children or spouse coming out about who they truly are. 

Africans in Uganda have decided to turn to the internet, play writing, and organizations so that their human rights can be heard beyond the borders of the Africa continent.

South African, Juilet Vuyiseka Rozani’s play Broken Dream is an example of advocating. It brings issues to the forefront that derive from the LGBT community in African countries everyday. Rozani uses her play to tap into various issues about lesbian women and their experiences in the South African society.

Rozani described her play as one for Broadway. She stated that it relates to people in the United States that also have the rights to choose their sexuality openly.

The play was showcased at the Jobury Theatre in the last week of August.


Some argue that people are born Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or wanting to change their sex (transgender) and others argue that it is a choice. Choices are decisions that each individual can make and genetics are uncontrollable.


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