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Biking It In DC…..

Photographer: Jarondakie Patrick Location: Georgia Ave. Washington, DC


Just the other day I bought  a silver and green bike. I was told by my father not to waste my money and in turn I found it used for $80 bucks. Now, I have not rode a bike in probably four years, which is a long time when you are accustom to driving. I thought this could save me money on the metro since the Metro Stystem increased by $0.10 in February.

 I estimate next year that there will be another increase within the DC area. As well a new bike I could use for exercising for the mornings I am too exausted to go for a run. It never occurred to me that I would have to invest in a bike lock. The bike seller said that a good bike lock will cost about $30.00. I remember growing up when I could leave my bike out and the only thing I was afraid of was the rain turning my shiny 2-wheel ride into a rusty accident.

Photographer: Jarondakie Patrick Location: Columbia Heights, Washington, D.C.

Back home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana if you are a certain age usually above 17 there is no more bike riding. Since being in DC it is no longer uncool to pedal to your destination. I see many individuals with all kinds of bikes. One had a banana seat, another a basket, some skinny wheels, and others thick wheels. 

I had to ask where are these individuals finding these bikes. Now I know residents of DC do not have bikes from the 80s stored in their basements and now that its 2010 they have decided to sell them or have they? And I know not all of the Residents of DC are in the Bike Olympia? Nah, I just refuse to believe it. There must be a bike shop. WOW! I use to think that a bike store was the local Wal Mart.

Photographer: Jarondakie Patrick Location: Georgia Ave. Washington, DC

Hot Bike Shop In Adams Morgan -City Bikes

Mon-Wed,Fri-Sat 10am-7pm
Thurs 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-5pm

Take X3, 90, 92

Photographer: Jarondakie Patrick Location: National Mall-Washington, D.C.


December 9, 2010 - Posted by | Fun, Fun Topics, Life In DC

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  1. Good luck with your biking adventures in D.C. I worked in DC and visit there frequently. I encourage you to select your route carefully. The city is developing bike lanes and paths to promote cycling – you should see if any of them could be useful in your commute. Ride where motorists are used to seeing other bikes. Learn the rules of the road (yes, there are expectations of bike riders, too!) Stay safe by being seen with lights, bright clothing, where you are riding in the travel lane.

    You can find some safety advice and resources on my blog, Pedal Paradise.

    Take care,


    Comment by Pedal Paradise | December 9, 2010 | Reply

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