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Cool Jazz Played at Tryst in Adams Morgan


By: Jarondakie Patrick, Location: Washington- Adams Morgan, Tryst - March 2011

The outside noise of 18th St, NW fills Tryst’s front window. It’s wide-open, folded and pushed to the side like a room divider. In the rear of the lounge and to the right of the bar The Peter Edelman Trio begins to setup for their routine Tuesday night gig.

Just one year ago Peter Edelman was playing with Bill “Magic” Lavender-Bey on bass and Percy Smith on drums. Now the trio has two different faces: Jim West, a long-time friend, on the drums and legendary bassist Butch Warren.

Inspired to put together another trio, Edelman has finely done so and these musicians are skilled in their craft. Warren’s eyes closed as the top of the double bass rest in his left palm lightly and his right fingers glide the strings upward and back down. The repetition is so quick, creating a soft rhythm. West moves in a steady pace on the drums, and Edelman glances just over his left shoulder and simultaneously presses the keys on his electric piano. The band members complement one another while playing Walking and The Theme by Miles Davis.
This is definitely a step up from The Peter Edelman Trio that played at the Columbia Station in February of 2010. The drums drowned out the sound of the other instruments with a hard beat throughout one of the songs.
It seemed to be no pressure at Tryst, but just as before the band has selected another venue with dim lighting. It hindered capturing a good video and the view of the band members by the audience.

The candles placed on each table influences the diners to become too mellow and relaxed, causing attention deficit. Cool jazz and the ballot Battle of Flames is mixed with sirens from an ambulance, chit-chat, laughter, and clicking computer keys.


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