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Take A Journey In Life

by Jarondakie Patrick

A few months back I watched the movie Eat, Pray, and Love, written by Elizabeth Gilbert, which now has been converted into an inspirational film. While everyone else went out to buy the book compiled of awkward events and carefree actions, I decided to watch the movie. A movie that tells the story of a woman in her 30’s unhappily married, who decides to divorce her husband, meets a younger guy and ends up leaving him to travel the world, and after a year of travelling she finds new love. 

Recently a McClatchy Newspapers’ writer wrote an article similar about a lady in her late 30’s moving to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Cheryl Finnegan, now popular U.S. jewelry designer to celebrities, had lost her job, had a boring marriage, and sought out a purposeful journey. Sounds similar?

These stories have caused me to make an observation– all my own –about women of yesterday’s generation. Many women are not taking their purposeful journey in their life and then in their late 30’s decide it’s time to begin living or time to find out who they really are. As a woman of today’s generation I hope this is not foreshadowing of how I and others will behave in our late 30’s. That might sound dreadful, but these stories should inspire upcoming women in their 20’s to make life a journey.

Marriage is fun, kids make a family, and the house and dog on complimentary accessories. But if we cannot look within ourselves and define ourselves without the job, husband/partner, kids, and our family– than who are we truly?

As women it’s never too late to renew life’s journey. Just because we find ourselves in the ups and downs of our own mistakes or life’s evil wrath– we can still have a journey that makes our lives sensational! Even when joy, laughter, and secure walls have fallen.

I’m looking forward to a journey like this one; where I have purpose, meaning, and love. A journey that does not consist of a job, house, car, and kids. One that consist of learning to love myself and enjoy my talents!

Fist Raised High for Girl Power

I inspire to be Grace Halsell!


May 25, 2011 - Posted by | Fun

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