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The West Taken Heed to Somalia’s Condition

By Jarondakie Patrick

September 16, 2011

Twenty Canadians will walk eight days and 400 km — approximately 248 miles — from Toronto to Ottawa for one goal. They have decided something needs to be done to assist Somalia and bring awareness to the famine.

“We are walking for the countless mothers, fathers, children and elderly whose voices and pleas have been silenced for far too long,” Muna Ismail, Walk For Somalia Team Member said.

Since the drought has hit the East horn, Somalia has been one of the countries that has taken a heavy hit. An ineffective government since 1991 along with Somalians of al-Shabab, it has disrupted the country’s economic stability.

According to the United Nations 4 million Somalis — more than half the population — are in a crisis.

From the media videos and photos distributed to the Western Hemisphere, many have become sympathetic and have found ways to take action.

“It is wrong for the innocent and weak to suffer in such conditions when something can be done,” Ismail said.

The Walk for Somalia organized by twenty Canadians is a non-political, non-sectarian initiative. Walk for Somalia was established in 2009 and has raised $30,000 for two camps. This time the organization wants to raise $1 million by their Walk for Somalia initative  beginning on Sept. 18 and ending Sept. 26.

The Canadians are asking the federal government to extend the donation matching period and  be accountable for delivering the aid.

Data released by the United Nations Inter-agency group for Child Mortality Estimation reports the east Africa country has the world’s highest mortality rate for children under the age of five.


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