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Diary Entry: I Don’t Want To Have To Fake Happy Come September?

I’ve been in Virginia now for about a month. If you don’t include my detours — Washington, D.C. and Louisiana (home) for a mini vacation. In all, I have experienced a power outage, friendly residents, and a culture that reminds me of home. It’s refreshing at times and also an adventure when I think of the festivals, summer fairs, and things I could do.

I have become well acquainted with Bayou Snowballs. A place located downtown that takes shaved ice and loads it with flavored juices as cotton candy, nectar, wedding cake, and tutti fruity. My favorite, since a child has always been Ice Cream flavor with condensed milk in the middle and on top.

Photo by: Jarondakie Patrick, Roanoke, Va Bayou Snowball

The only differences from home are the mountains. They sit high. I’ve been looking to tackle one. I believe it will bring back memories of my first time hiking the Appalachian Trail at the age of 19. It was summer 2009 after I completed my freshmen year in college. A summer I will never forget.

Mountains in Roanoke, Va.
Photo By: Jarondakie Patrick, Roanoke, Va.

At last, there are a few things I want to do while here. And though I have only been in VA for about a month. I only have seven more weeks left to build my portfolio and learn the ins and outs of the cop beat. I have seven more weeks to look for a job for September and add some type of stability to a life that was once all about books, class, and social gatherings.

I was really looking forward to starting a life as a reporter in a small town. A place where I can get to know new people who do not speak like me or act like me. A place where the culture is completely different. A place that requires me to be uncomfortable, but at the same time grow. A place that requires me to think of new and creative ways to add to my social feeds in day to day life.

Roanoke has given me a little piece of that. I tell myself this is preparing me for what comes in September. But if nothing comes in September this experience seems to be a bitter sweet one. I contemplate on what is to come: if there is no job or no journo life. What could my next career move be, where would I start.

I’ve always thought of myself as a writer. I did once want to become a teacher, when I was eight. But I have always wanted to be a writer. I have always wanted to tell stories. I have never seen myself as a desk sitter plucking keys or sitting in an air-conditioned room. I have never seen myself as anything else. So now when I apply to jobs, I don’t know how to take myself out of how I see myself and be open to possibly seeing myself another way… In a new light. And Wow! It hurts to even imagine I could be jobless in September along with many other adults and young adults who didn’t major in journalism or never saw themselves being or working a particular job until they have too.

I think I dwell too much and often on what the future holds. I will just have to enjoy the summer while it lasts. I will have to stay optimistic and begin to check off my summer lists that doesn’t include the stresses of a recent grad. A summer list that reminds me I’m still human and young. I’m still adventurous and exciting. Simply put, I still have choices!





Salem Fair

Horse-back riding

Drive to Charlotte, NC

Visit Wine Vineyard


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