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Diary Entry: Do I keep Dreaming or take Action

Many times out of fear, questions from others, or obligation we do not do the things we really want. We sit hoping when we get older and have enough money we will travel, buy certain things, and live the life we’ve dreamed. It causes the older to envy the young and the young to miss being a kid.

It’s something about those kid fantasies that stuck. It’s something about believing if we road our bike fast enough we would feel like we were in a car and the outdoors would turn into roads of adventure. My friends’ house could be my play dream house. Ken and Barbie could be me and my husband. Those fantasies that we dream up cause us to reflect on life once we have the opportunity to make the choice.To do all these things we have to make decisions.

When you’re in your 30’s, working a fulltime job, with a spouse, more bills, and possibly kids will we make the choice to do the things we have always wanted to do. Will the opportunities that often time in itself only presents, be on our side when we make that choice. I have written down a list of things I want to do in my life and a certain age or in a certain phase in my life I want them to be completed. Some may call it a bucket list. I write them down so that I don’t forget and because I am really passionate about accomplishing them as I was about graduating from college.

I had to ask myself the other day, well when will I step away from something to complete this task or accomplish this goal here or this one. When will I tell myself hey, remember when you said you wanted to go snorkeling in the ocean or sightseeing in Italy? And will I have to look at myself in the mirror and say I never went or look into my grandchildren eyes and say I never went or even look into my husband eyes and say well money is tight, let’s see about next year.

Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten bitten by a bug. Not a travelling bug, but a decision bug. No matter the decision you make there will be consequences. Not always bad ones either, but something. I’ve gotten an itch. The one that comes and it seems everyone in your circle of age that can advise doesn’t make sense because perhaps they didn’t drift off the course or followed things through until they had to make another choice. Maybe they never made the choice. I’m about to have to make a big decision come the end of August. It may be easy or really hard. I actually don’t know what it will entail besides my plans for the rest of 2012 and perhaps 2013. A career choice. A life choice. A financial choice. A simple, but ever-changing choice. I will have to step out on faith again and follow the little voice that told me to move to Washington, D.C.

The voice allowed me to meet people and often tried to help me step outside of myself so I could obtain things. Sometimes I listened to the voice. I ended up in places and meeting people that I will never forget. I had my best life experiences. I learned a lot about myself. I would often feel nervous and uncertain watching the words that I spoke and sometimes when I couldn’t speak the voice inside me spoke them. Other times I didn’t listen to that voice and I watched as the things I wanted were not obtained because I was afraid. I questioned the voice. I questioned the faith. I learned that you limit yourself when you’re not willing to be uncomfortable to achieve another status of comfort. You limit yourself when you don’t believe that things you have asked for can be for you and all you have to do is follow the voice.

Someone from college posted this piece by Coverage Magazine, Why You Should Travel Young and I instantly related. It wasn’t so much about travelling for me as it is about taking chances on yourself or reaching for the stars now. It sits well. It reads well and I needed it. Even if I fail or the thing I dreamed up is not all what I thought it would be, I can’t help to think of the childhood fantasies I had dreamed and lived before I had to assimilate into a world of damaged kids who lost their dreams or settled for what was feasible.

Can you afford to wait on a job that will allow you the stability and flexibility to travel? Can you wait on a career that will work its way into what you have dreamed? Can you afford to waste time and years debating on when to take action? Can you avoid the screeching sound that the voice will be making when you realize that your dream and life could have all still been obtainable if you would have just listened?


July 16, 2012 - Posted by | Fun, Fun Topics

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