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Diary Entry: $$$$ it’s all gone! I’m A “Spendaholic”

When it comes to saving money, I just don’t know where I go wrong. Yes, I do. I buy things I don’t need. I promised six months ago before graduation and before I needed the $80 graduation dress, $52.00 Mani and pedi (or maybe that was $80 I just can’t remember), $70 beautician visit, and other things that I would spend wisely and not shop.  I refused to go to the thrift store or buy anything. I even waited two months again before going back to the beautician to risk spending my money on materialistic things. In the Meantime, I still didn’t save a dime with my leftover money that I had not spent. I got behind on my bills, not because I didn’t have the money, but because I forgot they were due. I don’t know what world I went into, but it left me on empty and I mean with my pride.

As a woman we pride ourselves on how we handle situations. We may even chew our ‘girlfriend’ out for being careless with her money. When a family ask us for something to hold we may even chew them out on why haven’t they saved money. The truth is I haven’t saved money since I had my first job and the spending and shopping has been out of hand since I was 17. While I was packing up to leave from college and find a place to store my things, I threw away and gave away items with money I had neglected to put into my savings account and in exchange spent. These items went flying into big black trash bags or left in the hallway. I could’t pack it all and I didn’t really want it all either. I had outgrew some things and others weren’t my style anymore. After packing up, I found I brought things I really wanted and left behind others. I even brought along some things I could no longer wear like $100.00 business suits in hopes of putting them on again.

I’m writing all of this and I still don’t think I get the point. I need to learn how to spend my money wisely. Everything fun doesn’t require money or does it? I can save and buy the things I really want, Can’t I? The question that floats around when you have just found out that your two months in advance car insurance was a policy and all your car insurance payments are due 30 days in advance. The truth of checking your account to find out you racked up in over $100 of overdraft fees. The truth of knowing your next paycheck will not cover the two weeks of bills you have. Something will have to be sacrificed. Will it be the car insurance, weekend events, or rent? I hate being a mature and responsible adult. And with that said I hate knowing that from this day on I will not be able to buy or swipe for everything I want. It has come at a time when I have to save, bargain shop, and make a choice if I really need it. Here comes the days I was dreading. Sign me up for (AGAIN!). This time I’m going to do right. I promise…..


July 17, 2012 - Posted by | Fun, Fun Topics

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