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Diary Entry: Team Gabby Douglas

When I first began my blog it was about women achieving greatness and international news. Today a story brought me back to that vision of what Golden Press was intended to be.

I was not in London to witness her performance nor have I ever met Gabby Douglas. But at 16 she has two olympic medals and today she was the first Black woman to win the women’s all-around title. Now, I don’t know if she knows what this means at the age of 16. Maybe she is a little smarter than I was at her age. I know it is saying a lot for young women in the U.S. who are black. It is saying a lot to black mothers in the U.S. And it surely means a hell of a lot to Black/African-American/Negro communities in the United States.

I say today, well done Gabby Douglas. And I thank your mother for hanging in there to make sure that you could grab such a title for the United States and uplift an entire community.

If I ever have a child. And it happens to be a girl. We will first try her out in gymnastics and move on to other things like dance.

Have a see at “The Flying Squirrel.”

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August 2, 2012 - Posted by | Fun Topics, International

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