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#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 2 – Stereotype

After reading the post “And they call me barbarian” by a fellow blogger I had to really sit back and think about all the stereotypes that have been passed down or have been learned that we use to pass judgement. That got me thinking about the Gabby Douglas hairmania that is tapered in many headlines since her winning the Olympic Gold Medal. And this got me to thinking about a few gossip and black media sites that came to the rescue of Blue Ivy when many social media and blogs’ comments talked about the infants features.

So when I think about Stereotypes and if they are true in my Black community I have to say some things that people say about us as a hold are so true and the things I might say too my friends about other races. Some stereotypes have been bred from truth. A great truth. Now to say it is an entire race that behaves this way can anger some. But oh well.

Like it’s funny how we can call our hair nappy, but when another race says the same we instantly pin them as racists.

Funny how we address each other with endearment by saying N*gga, but when the term is used by someone else their character comes into question.

Funny how a magazine or movie can feature a light-skin black model, actor, or actress and we will say where are all the dark skin people.

But when the model portrays big lips, high cheek bones, short hair, large tummy, slender or big eyes we become detectives to examine how beautiful they are.

I had to catch myself one day. A friend and I were talking about the host of 106&Park. He brought up something about Rosci and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “She ain’t that cute.” What in all honestly I meant to say was she’s not that talented. Oh it just got worst by the second.

I happen to think Rosci is a beautiful woman. Do I believe she was made for 106&Park, ummm No. But the truth of the matter it’s not my call. And for a woman who hopes to enter the media world myself with a bang, I should know better. I also should appreciate a woman being able to get her start on TV at Black Entertainment Television (BET).

That doesn’t mean I have not come along way. If Blue Ivy is not the cutest baby, the truth is I just love that Beyone is in love with being in love with Jay Z. And together they were able to produce a love baby. I also love that she has a career, husband, and now she’s a mother. I’m just happy for her not because she’s Beyoncé, but because she’s a woman doing great things.

Watching the Olympics I didn’t look at Gabby’s hair once and say she needs to comb her hair. First because though her mother struggled as a single mother and all and its seems to be a common theme for women in the Black community, we do not know what kind of girls Gabby grew up around. Maybe her friends are of other races and they don’t know about getting their hair combed or going to a beautican. Also by watching regular gymnastic performances I know women wear their hair a certain way from buns to ponytails and whatever. So we should all take into consideration that being apart of the black community doesn’t mean we’re all alike. It doesn’t mean we value the same things. And it certainly doesn’t mean we all fit into the same box.

With that being said I believe stereotypes will always exists because some of them are true. And sometimes I participate in making them true for journos, Americans, women, black women, and the black community.


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