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#Augustwritingchallenge – Day 10 – Green

I think I want to challenge myself for the next two years. I don’t know why I’m on this two-year experience all types of crazy things, but I am. I want to challenge myself to live a greener life (whatever that means). I want to eat more organic food. Try some brown eggs. Step away from red meat except my beef. I want to see if life is greener on the other side. You know that saying. I want to camp some in the next two years. I want to use less paper. I want to recycle big and small stuff. I want to drink a lot of water. I want to drink tea with no sugar. I want to hike more. I want to ride my bike more. I want to lie in the green grass. I want to swim in the big river of green things. I want to touch the green leaves and when they turn brown I want to hold them. I want to be happier and be a better greener me. I want to love hard. I want to get my heart-broken. I want to do all the things that it seems is happening on the greener side that is not happening in my life.

I want to squeeze grass between my toes. I want to get out and cut some grass so I can see into the other’s neighbor’s yard of just how better their grass is than mines. I want to roll around in the field. I want to lie in the grass and make love. I want to pull out some dark liquor and drink in the field. I want to smoke and write some great shit in that greener grass over there. I want to walk through a corn field maze. I want to stop everything I am doing to smell the greener life of things. I want to try to be faithful to a religion of my choosing. I want to learn about the finer spiritual things of a greener life.

 I want to eat more veggies. I want to eat things I said I don’t like because they look weird. I want to eat more green veggies. I want to try more things. I want to soak and train my green thumbs. I want to plant some lettuce, tomatoes, & cucumbers. I know I hate cucumbers, but maybe if they were my home-grown cucumbers from my own hard work I could learn to love them as I have done tomatoes. I want to grow some green peppers and perhaps some green tomatoes. I want to live on the other side without letting myself go. Without losing myself trying to blend into all that green over there. Because for some reason everything always looks greener on the other side.

I want to meet more people on the green side. I want them to pull me over the white picket fence. Invite me over to that world of things that I don’t know. But maybe I could get to know that side too. Maybe it could help me make my lawn greener or show me how to grow my grass higher. While I’m smoking on their green I could learn more about my green. This way I will not have to continue imitating their moves, strokes, and strategies to becoming greener. While I’m lying in their field, I could learn to lie in my own field. While loving on them I could learn to love me with the same feelings I hide of envy for how much greener they are than me. I could finally learn to appreciate my own green side. Damn. I just want to be in love with my green too.


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