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#Augustwritingchallenge – Day 9 – Rhythm

For all the girls who have been told they have no rhythm.

Since I was little people have told me I have no rhythm. I can’t keep up with the beat or my hips are too stiff. I have practiced dancing in the mirror to test out those harsh comments. Oh Yes, those comments are harsh. Let me tell you why.

In middle school I tried out for dance. I wanted to be a dancing doll. I feared doing certain things during try outs thinking I was off beat. I watched other girls as they danced to make sure I was keeping up. I have been at parties watching other people dance to make sure I was dancing okay. I had a middle school crush tell me at a dance once I couldn’t dance. That comment kept me on a few walls at a few parties from then on.

In high school I tried out for dance again. I had the dance down packed, but I still watched other girls to make sure I was dancing right. When I was 13 and 14 I took ballet, jazz, and tap. I always feared I was off rhythm. It hindered me at recitals. I wouldn’t put my all into the dance because I felt like I wasn’t performing up to the qualities of other girls. It turned out after my last dance recital I was moving the same as the other girls, but my energy was low. I was so concentrated on how I looked moving and how I was moving I lacked confidence.

It had even taken a toll on me when it came to sex. I never wanted to be on top; thinking my rhythm would be off and the guy would be able to tell I had no rhythm. He would say how bad of a rider I was. That’s how bad it got. My fear of being called the girl with no rhythm had stopped me from enjoying myself at parties or having fun in the bedroom.

One day something changed me and gave me a boost. I was hanging out with friends at a club. I was watching one of my friends dance. I was laughing in the inside because she who proved to love being on top (oh yes, The Riding Queen!). She who was throwing her hips all around and dropping it low. Her legs and hips were all over the place. I hadn’t had a drink that night. And I felt just as confident in my rhythm than my friend who was in my opinion embarrassing the hell out of herself on the dance floor. It was horrible. I’m laughing as I’m writing this because it was just that bad.

So to all the girls who have been told they have no rhythm. I have one thing to say. Take control of your rhythm and own it. Because I can insure you that some of the same ones who tease you, comment, or make suggestions don’t know what the hell they are doing either. Everyone is dancing in a way they feel more comfortable. Everyone hears the beat different. No has the same two ears. Everyone is in their own rhythm and no two people have the same rhythm. You just learn to compliment the other with what you have.

Now when I’m in the club, I dance like no one’s there. I don’t care what the other girl is doing and I don’t pay attention to the way my friends are moving. I ride the music waves flowing out of the speaker. I am now a girl in control of my own rhythm. The one my two parents blessed me with. The one that I have altered throughout the years as new music has tested my hips. The confidence I have gained from guys who asked me to dance or friends cheering me on in the dance circle.

I learned from my friend that night that’s it is always about confidence in your hips, skills, abilities, and body. I do have rhythm! So keep your harsh comments and tips to yourself.

P.S. Get up off that wall! Dance and other activities that require movement are supposed to be fun! Plus, I haven’t received a bad complaint skills.


August 10, 2012 - Posted by | Fun, Fun Topics

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