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#Augustwritingchallenge – Day 11 – Loyalty

I had to sit on this word. I had to really consider what it means to be loyal. I had to consider if I had been a loyal enough friend, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, woman, and most importantly a loyal human.

When I think about all those things. I have to think about my father (not God, but my biological father). He has been so loyal to me that when I make decisions in the future I consider him. I think about him becoming old and how one day I will need to be there more. One day I will have to sacrifice like he has sacrificed for me and my brother.

I will have to look pass the things that he has done in the past because after all he was doing the best he could with what he had. He had married my mother not knowing if the marriage would work. They had taken a chance. He had struggled as a man trying to climb a blue-collar ladder with no college degree. He is still trying to climb a blue-collar ladder where new technology has labeled him uncompetitive and too old. A frustrated man he may become. But in all he volunteers at the church. He works twice as hard as any man who I have ever considered dating. He is willing to invest more than his wallet in my happiness. As annoying as a parent can often be he has loved me unconditional.  He is a great leader. At 49 he has accomplished whether he sees it or not more than some of his siblings and the younger generation.

He owns a house. He has a stable job. He had a loving marriage that didn’t end in divorce. He had a wonderful daughter who didn’t take no for an answer and made a way out of no way.

He raised a budding young woman.

While he doesn’t have as much money as his baby brothers nor did he get a college degree. He taught me the value of a husband, father, and man. He never strayed nor did he run from his responsibilities when life proved to be too much or I proved to be too much. I’m looking forward to the day where we will talk like adults. We will laugh about misunderstandings. We will trust one another more. The day when my full dedication will be to uplift my children and give well deserved care to my father. For he is so deserving. I can’t begin to explain what it means to have him in my corner now. Supporting me when my wings have become to heavy and giving me hope when I have packed mines away. He’s the most loyal man I know in my life after 23 years.


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