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#Augustwritingchallenge – Day 12 – August

I am so excited for August. I think fall may be my new favorite season. I’m preparing for the falling leaves and cool breeze. I’m preparing for the new adventure I’m about to take in life. In August I seek truth from myself and others. I’m letting some relationships go. I know longer want to hold on to them. It’s slowing me down and I’m no longer having any fun. If it’s unhealthy I will not participate. If it does not feel right I will walk away. August has awakened me.

August reminds me that there is more to life and I should be seeking the more in life. No matter where I am in a few weeks I should make the most of it and my journey. Beating through me like a drum of vibrations. August is speaking to my soul in ways no other month has spoken to me. Not even June could consume me like August has already comforted me. For four years I have done what I had to do to accomplish a task. The task has been accomplished. Now this August I can do whatever I want. I can be wherever I want. This August I can push the limits. I can sit still and not move. I can surrender to comfort or I can throw myself back out into the world of unknown. This August 2012 I have a choice of where I could be. This August I can choose any place. I can start a new career. I can settle into position and let life take me. What will I choose?

To Move forward and not look back. To move forward with a new sense of freedom. To not be afraid to fail. To not be afraid to lose.


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