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#Augustwritingchallenge – Day 14 – Obsession

I realized while staring out over a city tonight that I must have it all and why shouldn’t I be able to have it all if I work hard.

I want the husband, kids, dog, house, and career. I want the opportunity to travel the world. I’ll eventually settle into routine and finally be able to release my deepest thoughts into a make-believe world of fiction. I’ll have a master’s degree and aspiring journalists will read my work about foreign lands they have never touched, but may some day have the chance if the foreign bureaus can stay a float. I refuse to settle and I’m willing to put it all out there to win. I’m obsessed with having it all and balancing it all. I know there’s no such thing as superwoman. But I have an entire lifetime from what I have observed to accomplish everything on my lists. If this is the only world I get to live in where I am free to make decisions and free to succeed in a task of my choosing with the help of the all mighty of course, than there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to have it all. I’m obsessed with having it all. Not the materialistic things but the best moments of a girl’s life. Like falling in love, walking down the aisle. Being a mother and wife. Succeeding in a career where I am recognized for my work and perhaps awarded. I am obsessed only with this. I want to win win!


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