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#Augustwritingchallenge – Day 15 – Rivers

(Not Late,  Just Never Published)

Lately, I’ve been riding a slow-moving river. No rapture or anything. It’s calm, but at the same time impatient. It’s grown distance from where it started in hopes that its flowing water will reunite with its beginnings. Deep down the river knows this is not true. Soon it’ll meet up with streams, sea, lake or to the big one — Ocean. It’s fresh water will connect with new parts, minerals, sand, and be pushed out further. It’s fear is it will never make it anywhere. Be absorbed in the grown or dry up. Better known as death and no one will ever know it existed.

All rivers know they will never return home. It’s not meant in their journey nor is it meant in real life to return to the spot where it all began. How awesome it would be to go back in time. To live some of those moments again with the ones that mattered at that time. People say they have no regrets, but if there was truly a reverse button many of us would take the chance to go back. Some things we would do the same way and other things we would do different. It may not apply to your life, but it does to mines.

Often I feel I share characteristics with a river. I am too like a river. Some times salty with imposing grass growing beneath me. Protruding rocks dividing me. People splashing, floating, and swimming in me. Once I meet those new waters sometimes I lose who I was. I am changed. My surroundings are new. My water doesn’t feel the same. The people I’m use to seeing have become new faces. At the end of the road I hope to make it to the ocean. But I’ve known so many who have only made it to other rivers, lakes, and seas. Some of us never make it to the Pacific, Arctic, Indian, and Atlantic. Most of us never make it anywhere but once in awhile we wipe out communities with floods. We take out people with floods.

I am too like a river. I’m constantly removing people from my life with floods. I am too like a river flowing in one direction. I just can’t quite see the end.


August 23, 2012 - Posted by | Fun, Fun Topics

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