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#Augustwritingchallenge – Day 24 – Courage

This is a characteristic that I think overshadows my doubts and fears. Courage has taken me so far in my life. From the small things like making a phone call to traveling somewhere by myself.

It truly takes courage to live life. To enjoy life. I’ve never realized how much courage I had until I was put in a certain situation or had to face certain things.

A lot of people I know don’t like what comes out of mouth. They say I’m mean or I’m throwing shots. But the truth of the matter is I’m the one out of all your friends or people in one’s life who has the courage to tell you the truth. I may be wrong sometimes.

I always try to think about what I say before I say it. Depending on the situation I may not say anything at all.

But it’s rare that I am not courageous. It’s seldom that I am silent. And I like me just how I am.

One thing I love is meeting people who show courage. People who take risk. People who make things happen. It takes courage to make things happen. It takes courage to know that you may fail or things may not work out as planned. It takes courage to not wait for someone to open the door. It takes courage to open the door first.

It takes courage to put your life on the line for stories that someone may not read, but you believe should be told. It takes courage to ask a busy woman to be your mentor. It takes courage to admit you were wrong or that you love someone. It takes courage to face reality.


August 24, 2012 - Posted by | Fun, Fun Topics

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