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December Challenge Day 2

Exhausted from life. I’ve turned over my job situation to a higher power and I’m learning more about myself.

Today I ran. I thought about how my life would have been if I was born to a different family or perhaps an immigrant. How weird for me to think how my life could be if I were married or if I had met the love of my life years ago.

Situations have a way of making you, you. Lately I’ve been thinking about all the friends I am having the chance to visit. The things I examine in their life journey. From married friends to single mothers. Life has a way of constantly showing you how life goes on. But often life is short with showing you to appreciate those relationships and hold on to those memories.

Over the summer I witnessed two women (who seemed to be on cloud nine from a certain substance) just dancing around to this live band. I stared at them. I snapped pictures with my camera phone in attempt to entertain my friends later on. Now that I stand still in this moment to write this blog I know that those two women were holding on to their memories.

I’m anticipating another great New Year’s with some great friends. I never realized how much our one day a year means to me until 2012. There we were in New Orleans and while I had the time of my life it still didn’t hit me. It wasn’t until I hung out with a few of my cousin friends that I realized how wonderful it is to have (my friends) and that one day a year to share.

In the last four years I’ve met a lot of people. I think they all have inspired or rubbed off on me in some type of way. But it’s not til times like this when everything goes quiet in a room I realize how good life has been to me. I realize how many memories I have made. And I’m so thankful to know I can have more. I can sit at my friend’s house and watch her interact with her husband. Or run with a friend’s fiance to pick up her last X-mas gift. Or hold a friends child. Or laugh about teenage memories that are not too far removed. Or have them give me encouraging advice.

I never really honestly looked at myself beyond my 20th birthday until college. I never really considered having a career I love until now. I never thought a guy would make me feel 16 teen again until now. And I never knew how much I’ll appreciate what God has allowed me to see and be apart of. Tonight I’m thankful for breath/life!


December 3, 2012 - Posted by | December Challenge

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