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December Challenge Day 9

While watching the Amazing Race I am amazed at how life changing experiences can help one to look at life different. One in a lifetime type of experiences. With strangers that you may have never met any other way. I have had so many of these experiences. I would like to start with middle school. I met a young woman from New Orleans who reminded me not to “sugarcode” anything. The term “sugarcode” can be defined as not biting your tongue or to always be honest. She helped me to overcome my fear. For years I would remember what she said. I’ve since lost touch with her. After all that’s been about 12 years ago.

At the age of 14 I made my first trip to New York City. I would never forget the smell, the people, or the swift movement of purpose. I wanted to be in a big city. I wanted to live in a big city. New York taught me that there’s an entire world outside of Louisiana.

At the age of 17 I flew on my first plane to a leadership conference in Washington, D.C. I remember crying when it was time to leave. I did feel uncomfortable at the conference being that I was a small number of Blacks that was there. But I bonded with people I would have never met and I toured Washington, D.C.

At the age of 20 I moved to Connecticut for a summer and worked at a wilderness camp. I got the chance to view myself in the most honest light and knowing that life situations aren’t perfect this opportunity was perfect to me. I think I connected with a man for the first time in a way where I felt in another lifetime like he could have been my soul mate. He wasn’t perfect, but his actions were at the time. I became one with nature. I became stronger. I faced some truths about myself.

At the age of 22 I travelled to Japan. How sweet. I remember taking out time to just sit on a bench in Hiroshima and close my eyes. I couldn’t believe how far I had come. I couldn’t believe again I was with strangers experiencing another culture something I had always wanted to do.

Now at the age of 23 and 6 months away from my 24th birthday. I am awaiting the next experience with strangers. I am awaiting another opportunity to meet life-long friends. I am awaiting the wisdom that comes when knowing that this is an opportunity before some saying it is. I hate being stagnant. I like to keep moving. I like to keep busy.

All this time I have been living in my own little way. I have been living by keeping busy. In the last four years I have travelled to California, New York, Japan, Connecticut, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Mexico, Texas, Chicago, and Louisiana. But my soul isn’t done. I have not achieved as much as I’ll like.

24 is my year. I claimed it at the age of 20. 24 would be my year. I haven’t even turned 24 yet, but it is my year. I am almost in tears thinking about how good life has been to me. I know there will be good/bad days, but I also know I’ve many more experiences that will bring me closer to my true identity, closer to happiness/peace, and closer to God.


December 10, 2012 - Posted by | December Challenge

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