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December Challenge Day 16

Today was a strange day. How many days a year do you have strange days. Especially so close to the end of the year. I’m extremely thankful for everything I have at this moment. Good family. Good friends. A budding career (whenever it begins to bud). No, but I believe I’ve made huge strides or maybe baby strides. Next month will make 4 months I’ve been home. I do have 2 jobs. One is part-time, but still in journalism. Another one is serious resentment for consumers and the entire retail industry.

Tonight I made a U-turn in the middle of the street to drive down this neighborhood filled with X-mas lights close to downtown Baton Rouge. The homes were beautiful. I imagined myself buying one of those homes. I also ran across a photo of the talented and outspoken Ms. Nikki Giovanni. Graduate school has been a far away thought. Job applications in journalism have also been a long thought. I’ve always wanted to teach English. Well since high school I have considered teaching English. There’s an opportunity to go back to school to teach. I also believe it would help my writing or help me concentrate long enough to again consider a career as an author. I could also teach English abroad. Only thoughts that come to me randomly throughout the day.

But who needs a degree to begin writing. Who needs a degree to write a book now-a-days! I could begin writing a novel now. My mind has been telling me I need to read more books. Maybe I need to invest in a tablet. But hardback/paperback books do not need to be charged on a plane or before. I can take them where ever I go.

I’m finding it hard to keep myself busy mentally. I believe reading books will help. A friend mentioned freelancing to me the other day. I have considered it. I have considered my craft. This entire time I have been sitting I have thought about all the stories I could write. I have thought about kicking in doors and taking my own opportunities.

#Distractions make it so hard. I’ve been filling myself with distractions.


December 17, 2012 - Posted by | December Challenge

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