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December Challenge Day 30

It’s nothing like a dose of unblindfolded reality to bring you back to Nia, purpose.

Just this week or maybe last weekend I looked at photos in my photo album. All pictures of me from a baby to about high school. A young lady growing into a woman. Asking myself who would I have been if my mother was still alive. Who would I have been with better choices.

I remembered who I wanted to be. I remembered why I wanted to be this specific woman and what I’ll one day like to give a mate. I found drive from a few glances in a photo album book I haven’t opened since my freshmen year of college.

Nia-purpose. What’s mines? What’s yours?

Thank you Kwanzaa 2012 for allowing me to reflect on what’s important to me. And allowing me to let go of the things that will come when the time is perfect.

I’ve blasted some old songs everyday this week. I cleaned my room, which gave me a clear mind. Next week is my last week in retail nightmare. So, what’s the plan. How do I continue or throw myself into something new? I’m feeling creative.

I have always wanted a career that allowed me to give back to my community, to women, and to the world. Journalism allowed me to do that.  Journalism allows me to do that. I could choose anything. I could choose anywhere.

I flip through the W Magazine. I have to get busy. I have to get back to where I feel comfortable. I had a friend tell me I work too much. I should live more. I should have more fun.

Kuumba – Creativity


December 31, 2012 - Posted by | December Challenge

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