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January Challenge Day #6

I did write a December Challenge Day #31 blog. It was too personal to upload so I went out and bought a journal. I’ve always had a journal where I disclosed personal feelings. I use to try to write poems. If I re-read some of them I probably wouldn’t understand the writing, but I could never forget the feelings. God has truly brought me from a once unhappy place and I’ve learned that every day, every memory, and every moment will not be a happy one.  And I can smile in the mean time because I know there are days like this one. (everything isn’t perfect are going the way I expected, but things are going)

I begin writing my January challenge yesterday, but it seemed I started too late and had to finish tonight. I have decided to keep writing. Some people believe in telling their story after it has ended. I thought about that last night. Along with some other things. Like how I haven’t written a journo article since September. In two weeks I have two freelance articles due for the entertainment section.  I have to boost my confidence on this one. Frankly I have a nonexistent relationship with entertainment news because I never wanted to write an entertain/apsiringartist/strugglingartist/painter/musician/actor/actress/movie/review/and on/and on/and on piece in my life. I told myself I was made for the hard stuff. I will write the stories people are not telling.

At the end of the day I do love seeing my byline with a story that pushed me to my full potential and exhausted my comfort zone. Plus, I need to improve my skills and keep the clips flowing.

The same goes for life. I have realized how important the upkeep of relationships are. I am becoming better at it I believe. I would like to think that good friendships take maintenance like a plant. (water, food, and sunlight) Good friendships need honesty, acceptance, understanding, love, and giving. I have denied that in the past. I might have lost some good friends because of that. But I’ve kept some great ones.

Two friends came into town within the last two weeks and I missed both visits. I was a little disappointed, but happy to still know they’re my friends. I couldn’t help, but remember the good times we’ve shared and how I want them to continue. I pray that I can again share more good times with them like weddings, kids, and holiday visits.

This entire time home has made me appreciate the memories and moments in my life. I become overwhelmed with emotions when thinking about the good/bad moments in life. Sometimes I laugh because even when I was naive to certain situations I was protected, comforted, and living like that was my last time. The older you become you understand that all days will not be this way.

I’ve decided 2012 was a learning experience. 2012 was a great year. I can’t predict what 2013 will offer and I don’t really want to. I just want to fall into 2013 and hope that it’ll bring things I have only thought about.


January 7, 2013 - Posted by | December Challenge

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