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January Challenge Day #20 Female Journos Rock, Women Rock

I didn’t know where to start writing. Inspiration from a FB post of a female journo I have met and love shared this link. 10 Tips to know Before Dating a Female Journalist by Jenifer Herring. The world just made more sense to me after reading these tips. They’re so true. Female Journos are hardcore.

This may be one of the reasons why a male journo has never stuck out to me. I always wanted a female journo as a mentor. These women hold their ground when everything in their personal life is falling apart. As women we still manage to get the job done. (Holding toddlers while conducting an interview, working from home to swing your child off of the nipple, leaving your significant other/family for months at time, balancing a committed relationship through distance phone calls, battling cancer, taking care of extended family and making career moves that benefit you.) And these women are a phone call away.

I am proud to say that I wanted to be a warrior fighting for the next big thing/story/truth. Journalism is more than about seeing a byline and so much more than cute faces on TV screens.

I would one day like to be known as the fearless firecracker journo from Baton Rouge, La. I’m going somewhere because I refuse to accept any limitations. Back to trying to crack out these two freelance stories. #journogrind

Too often you have to give yourself a peptalk. No one knows where you truly want to go or your deepest heart desire, but you & God. ūüôā

In honor of MLK Day do something he would have done tomorrow. Most people like to say community service, but if that ain’t your thing there’s many other things I’m sure you could think of.


January 21, 2013 - Posted by | January Challenge

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