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One Year: NYC is not Disney Land

I have always thought of New York City as Disney Land. People say America is the land of opportunity. I say New York City is the land of never ending opportunity. But what I have found in the last year I’ve lived  here…. is whatever I’m searching for is not here.

Not in the cold bundled up winters
Not in the lost eyes I see as I work with the kids in the foster care system
Not in the summer movies on the grass in the various parks
Not in the sultry music I hear in the subway or live bands belting out original tunes

Did God bring me this far to show me what I’ve dreamed in my heart to be this magical place of opportunity does not exist in the sense that I thought it would.

I will say walking through the city feels great. I can definitely see myself living here longer. But then again I must remember that is it not in my sway to stay in a place too long. I hate comfort and when I look out I see a world that even New York City couldn’t define in all its Burroughs.

I am in search of  something realer than New York City.

So as I lay quietly in a room that I have painted country white with a touch of kissed-apricot. An antique headboard I scored off of craigslist and less than $500 in my savings account. Looking over plans I have made. Joining a fall softball team. Purchasing shoes to run a few 5K’s. Fall Spanish classes and a group of associates, friends, and others I have planned to enjoy more time with. I wonder what is it exactly God is trying to tell me about my dream and purpose.


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