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#Ineednewfriends and more….

My boredom has propelled me into an unaware dose of insanity. Am I sane or not I ask myself as I search websites that I have visited for the last few weeks, month, and year.

Just thinking I haven’t achieved anything major worth bragging about in two years or left the country in almost four is enough to have my brain running wild with ideas or stagnant with grief. I’ve only been inspired with brief moments of zeal when I find myself questioning choices, leaving the country, examining opportunities that seem limited, and trying to rewrite the path I am now on. The good thing is I’m not lost. The possibilities are endless in thought and perhaps action. I can have anything.

On the contrast,….

There’s no spark or fireworks.

Even in everyday conversation or those who consider themselves intellectual inclined. I am staring in blank spaces of reality wanting to be awaken with something dangerously delicious. The folks are not inspiring. There talk is repetitive. I find myself drifting off in conversation. Not in-tune to what they are saying or giving two damns about their interest. Even with topics that would have stimulated me months ago. The same conversation with different faces. I have no energy to entertain spirits who are not wild, free, and dreaming.

I’ll rather have a drink in the quiet solitude that I am desperately seeking. Smoke myself into a trans of innovation and sultry images.

I am meeting folks that I am not impressed with or having conversations that cause me to mellow out into aloof spaces. What kind of memories will I have of New York. Possible those that are black and white. Definitely No, ying to my yang.


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