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Hay (in my southern La. accent),

If you have stumbled across my blog I am thrilled. If you are familiar with me constantly posting links to my twitter @Journalshewrite or Facebook about my blog postings, I would like to apologize for the flooded TL or Status. But I am not sorry for trying to put my work out there.

I am a twenty-three year college by way of Baton Rouge, La. My career goal is to become a foreign correspondent who happens to be a human right activists that loves “amazing” food and learning about culture. My life-time goal is to be one of the best authors of my time.

At the moment I am debating rather to begin by entering the professional route as a reporter at a small-town newspaper or freelance abroad for a year. I am just as confused as the next 20 something year old, but I am not afraid. Not afraid to follow my dreams or the steps that have been laid before me.

I had the opportunity to journey to Japan. I  appreciated the culture and the values of a strong community in all aspects of life. The people were polite and friendly. Oh I forgot, I fell in love with– TRAVELLING!

And if you find my blog sometimes a little feminist or ‘womanist’, I must admit my greatest love for self is that I am a WOMAN!

Thanks for checking out my blog and please be sure to leave plenty of comments.

Best Regards,

Jarondakie Patrick


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