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#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 7 -The most annoying celebrity is…

The most annoying celebrities are the ones that get all the media attention. I don’t care what goes on in their life, what designer they are wearing, or who they are sleeping with. The most annoying celebrities are the ones out there making ignorant music that sends an idea to the world that all generation (?), all women, all black people, and all etc. are like the people they depict in their songs, movies, and etc. (art)

The most annoying celebrity are the celebrities that know they are annoying. The most annoying celebrities are the ones that try to stand out and are OD. But at the end of the day they wouldn’t be a celebrity if there wasn’t something annoying, awkward about them that made people want to watch, stare, and listen.

We’re all celebrities at some point in our lives. Someone looks up to us for fashion, advice, music, style, and in awe. And at the end of the day someone finds us just as annoying as we find those we see on magazine covers, reality TV shows, E TV, websites, bossip, perez hilton, and all the other entertainment television.


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#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 6 – At 40, I want

Occupation: Author, President of Non-Profit, English Teacher, Giving Wife, Loving Mother

Things: Home in Louisiana/Connecticut/New York, Jeep Wrangler, Debt Free, Garden, Flower Bed, Horse

Activities: Book Clubs, Painting, Photography, Hiking, Canoeing, Traveler, Avid Reader, Seeking Knowledge, Cooking

Accomplishments: First Book Published, First Child Born, Working toward Humanitarian Award, 2-stepper, Can play one instrument, Spiritual Fulfilled, Good Health, Cyclist Participant, Office/Title on desk, Fluent in 2 languages, Lived in another country

Feelings: Smiles, Tears of Joy, Laughter, Appreciative, Grateful, Loved, (feeling like there’s still more life to live) adventurous, Fearless

Relationships: Long term friendships nurtured, Strong relationship with father, Good relationship with niece, brother, nephew, Friendships of depth and interest


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#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 5 – If I won a billion dollars

I would pay my student loans.

I would donate half to a charity.

I would use money to buy my father a new truck.

I would put money aside for a house and horse.

I would start a nonprofit.

I would give teens scholarships to college, trade school, study abroad, and etc.

I would start trust-funds for my future kids.

I would help family with whatever was financial bearing.

I would ask God for guidance.

I would start a business.

I would help friends with any financial situations.

I would give some money to my niece.

I would travel.

Then I’ll write a book about winning a billion dollars.

And how long it took me to spend it.

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#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 4 – In a perfect world

Women would be equal to men.

Children would get to live innocent to 18.

Evil would be seen in red fire.

Love would be always.

Marriage would be perfect.

Animals would truly be every man’s bestfriend.

Honesty would be spoken daily.

The fire detector will go off when someone is lying.

Parents would never leave.

Death would not exist.

Old age would be like heaven.

All religions would lead to paradise.

Nudity would be acceptable.

Cars would be things of the past.

Countries would be minutes away.

Premarital sex wouldn’t make me feel guilty.

In a perfect world I would be so giving.

Not so anxious to receive.

Not so fearful to give in.

Not so quick to judge or dismiss.

I would live without a care for war, crime, sorrow or heartbreak.

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#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 3 – Dear Future Husband

First you need to understand I will not lose myself in a superficial world. I want a marriage that has a spiritual rich, honest, and genuine foundation. And if my marriage is made up of these things than I want the company we keep…. At least some people in our circle and family to be made up of the same substance.

When I say I want to get married. It has nothing to do with feeling like Cinderella. Let’s remember that was a fairy tale. I believe in the union of marriage because of my love for God. When I say I want to get married. It is not about the rings so much as it is about a honeymoon. Or a white picket fence, or kids running around the house, or kissy faces, or not being alone. I can manage being alone.

For me marriage is something created by a higher power. Joining two people together spiritually. It is something pure to me about two people coming together before God & family saying I vow. Marriage is a connection/bond shared with God. That’s how I view it. A spiritual bond between two.

One that I will have to share with any man I choose to marry. Because if you lose your way with God, you will surely have lost your marriage.

Just because two are married doesn’t mean they are happy all the time. At least that’s what I have learned from the elders in my family. But if I have to go through the storm than God has to be our anchor. And in this world we live in sometimes love is not enough.

I have no outlandish request. I use to have a list of qualities I wanted in a man. I think it’s still around in one of these old notebooks. Now I only have a list for myself. If I can honor that list than I know I can attract a man with some of those same qualities.

One day we’ll meet. I am no longer obsessing over how you will look or what your occupation will be. I am more interested in the adventures we will have. The house and place we will make home. The garden we will pull weeds from. The times spent in the kitchen. The smiles shared over dinner. The prayers we say to Our father who art in Heaven, Allah O’ Mighty, or Jesus Christ. The knees bending and hand holding.

The face caress. The arguments that help us both to see where we are wrong, right, or may need to work a little harder to be better people (friends, lovers, wife and husband). I am interested in the journey we will take as one and I am praying to death do us part.

I can see laughter filling a house. Books read at night. My head resting on your shoulder. My head resting on your chest. My palm draping your chest. My fingers caressing your neck.

I can no longer visualize your face because I’m looking for a man with a heart, values, morals, and a relationship with God. I am no longer concerned with your height because to me you are a King. I am no longer concerned with your skin color. I am no longer concerned with your background or flaws. I am accepting of all because I too have my lies, secrets, and ugly ways. I have never been and will never be perfect. I can no longer expect you to be.

I am working on loving myself so that I do not settle for a love that is not worthy of mines. I am working on growing up so that when you see me I am a woman. I am working on my finances so that we can buy together and I can be independent. I am working on myself so I can give all of my best qualities.

I could go on. But there’s no need for that. I have to get back to me. I have to continue my journey. I have to let fate do its magic. While we are distance and still strangers. I am learning to be patient. I am learning to be open. I am learning to see, touch, and feel when my eyes are blindfolded. I am learning to lead when my heart has lost its way.

More importantly I am working on myself so that I can recognize your arrival.

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#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 2 – I fear

Now depending on the day this could change. But in this very month in April. I fear failure and bad choices.

Those could only pull me further away from accomplishing my goals or closer to my goals.

But you never know. You have to fail to know. You have to make a choice to know if it is bad or not.

You ask me they both live in the same boat.

They’re siblings.

Fear is an emotion that I have learned changes depending on your circumstance. When you don’t have anything you are not afraid of losing anything. Just the other day I thought. When I decided to move to Washington, D.C. and attend Howard University. I wasn’t afraid because to me I had nothing.

Now when you ask me where I want to go I am uncertain. Because I no longer have journalism as an anchor. I’m not sure if that’s the right career path anymore. So if I go somewhere new what do I go. How do I use the tools and skills I have equipped myself with.

Not only that, but how do I say goodbye to family and friends when they are just getting to know the adult me. How do I say goodbye to what I think is the first time I’ve ever truly experienced adult love with a man. A intimacy that feels natural, honest, and fresh.

But again there’s that thorn in my side that is saying you’ll regret not going after your dreams. Your dreams are not here in Baton Rouge. There will come a time in your life where you will wonder. You will want to know. You will feel like something is missing.

That’s when I have to make a choice. A good one. A bad one. I’ll never know unless I say goodbye to what I thought my life was suppose to be and say hello to the possibilities of the universe.

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