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Day 1 Osaka, Japan

Sunday, June 18, 2011  11:00 p.m.

The culture of Japan has already revealed itself in small acts and large scenery.

A bow between one person and another, which indicates respect as well as greeting. Things I’ve learned in this short period of my 24 hour adventure travelling and brief exploration of the country has been priceless. Japan has main highways while the other streets are called by numbers.

 The restaurants and driver services do not take tips. Tonight 10 people ate for $90.00 in a moderate restaurant that displayed their dishes in a glass window. The dishes were made of wax and can be seen outside of all restaurants before dining. The restaurant was located underground in the Whity Mall. Japan underground malls have many levels. Some levels include dining, grocery store, shopping malls, and convenience stores. 

I should say that my day with Japanese culture began yesterday in Chicago. I watched as two businessmen exchanged cards and bowed several times after the business cards were accepted with both hands. This is something that is custom in Japanese culture. While boarding Japan Airlines I reached my passport to the airline workers with both hands. She scanned my boarding pass and returned my passport to me the same.

The 13 hour flight to Tokyo was long and exhausting. It probably would have been miserable if I was on the plane by myself, but lucky for me and the rest of the Roy W. Howard group we had other students to chat with in between movies, games, and sleep. Actually the flight was one of luxury. We watched recently released movies on mini screens installed in the back of the seats head rest in front of us and did not have to pay for them. We also were given two meals and snacks. This was the first time I received ice cream on an airplane.

As the flight went on, it seemed like the flight attendants never set down. They always had smiles and bowed as we exited the plane in Tokyo.

While staying at the Crown Plaza in Osaka. I noticed that the Japanese take pride in technology and are far more creative.

Important Words I learned today:

“Sumimasen” (excuse-me)


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